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Meet Cathy Werking

Like most people who search the internet for a way to make money from home, I was looking for a way to change my situation and create a bigger, better future for myself and my family. Suddenly becoming a single mom, I found myself in the worst circumstances of my life: no income, stacks of bills, over half a million dollars of debt, and no help. Even with a college degree and a successful career as a corporate trainer (which I had left behind to be a full time mom), how was I possibly going to start regenerating the five figure per month income it would take to keep my two children in our home and give them the lifestyle they deserve? If I listened to the advice of those closest to me I would have taken the first J-O-B I could find – maybe two or three jobs – just to make ends meet. But what about my most important job: being there to raise my kids? There had to be a better way – and FAST!

The New Cathy Werking

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! My internet search led me to the most successful, most lucrative opportunity in the industry: a very real home business, a proven system that works, and a community of leaders ready and willing to show me exactly what to do. All I had to do was get started and follow the system. I got resourceful, sold some of my belongings on Craigslist, and came up with the money to start my business.

How grateful I am to be able to say that one decision and massive action changed my life, and my kids’ lives forever. I’m still a full-time Mom, my kids and I are still in our home, I can earn more working at home than I could ever earn in a corporate job, and I can show my kids the world.

In the Japanese language there is a term – “on” – which is a deep sense of gratitude with the desire to give to others what we have been given. It is the appreciation of the ways we’ve been supported and nurtured by others and the joyful urge to pass this on. It is with this spirit that I greet each day as a Success Coach. I love showing others how to use the exact same simple system my mentors and I have used to become top producers in the internet marketing/home business industry. How truly grateful I am that I’m in business to pass this on……

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